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All about modeling, but most of all, Model FanTC has reliable models that show up on time and ready for your projects, so you’re almost certain to pick a winner! Covering all of Southern California and growing fast because of our reputation. We would rather list only real working models while others list anyone! Girls 18 to 26 looking to work with FanTCimage please contact us here!

Free to use but most of all Proven!

Rather than wasting time and money on sites like One Model Place, ModelFanTC is free to use for photographers! In Comparison your are almost certain to get a response to a booking request sent through our modeling site! Most of all, these models and MUAs have been used my FanTCimage in events all over SoCal. So consequently if they have proven themselves with our photographers you can most certainly trust them also. Send out a message and maybe get a response on pages like One Model Place. Or would you rather have a 90% or better chance of not wasting you time?

Furthermore time is money!

Free to use, yet easy to use. Best of all professional models that are ready for your booking request. Since time is money, seems like this site is almost certainly you best choice!

Here are just a few of the models available for your modeling Projects!

Females in Southern California 18 to 26 that are interested in starting a modeling career please submit yourself here.


Melinin Rayy, has one of the most body’s and skin tones we have ever worked with. Melanin can do amazing Implied Nude, Glamour Nude and Artistic Nude poses and in addition is a great choice for either pro photographers or amateurs! Be it in Dresses, Lingerie or even classy nudes this model can do it all in style! best of all she is so much fun to work with! Come check her out!

Melanin Rayy

Melanin Rayy

SoCal photographers are finding this site to be especially relevant in comparison to sites like Model Mayhem. Easy to use and furthermore you can actually expect to get a fast reply when messaging a member from this community!

The Models of FanTCimage are “Professional and Reliable!” If you’re tired of wasted days and money on flakey models, then maybe you should be using this site. Furthermore FanTC Models have a proven track record and have already worked with countless photographers in our group of about 5,000, consequently that means results for you photography projects. When it come to Modeling websites for models most noteworthy about us is the broad selection of different types of models available on ModelFanTC!

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Keke Phan: Opposite of One Model Place

Just days after I got approved on another site, I received 3 scam e-mails looking to hack my back account. Another reason I like ModelFanTC is rather then spending time with a scams my message go directly to my e-mail therefore making it easer to respond to all my clients! As a result if you message me here you are certain to get a response! In conclusion, this site is easy to use because it is simple. Further more for photographers it is also free, hence a win, win. Using this site in combination with Model Mayhem has helped me book more gigs!